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Being a blogger takes a toll mostly on health because we usually stay up late and a also stay in front of the computer for hours and even almost the whole day. That is why w are the usual victims of sickness such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Back aches and also muscle pains.

The True Benefits of Phiten Accessories

Most brands need a certain claim in order to market and sell its products. Some of these products however go overboard with its claims which fuel misconceptions and trickery. One such brand that does not sacrifice honesty in their claims for sales is the Phiten brand of wellness and sports accessories, and true enough, this has managed to help keep them stay on top of the market.

Many sports personalities and celebrities can be seen wearing Phiten sports accessories and people have this misconception that wearing such accessories will boost and enhance one’s skills to the level of these professional athletes. These misconceptions are further fueled by false marketing claims from certain brands of similar products. “All other brands would have a certain claim about what the product can do to them, some are outrageous, some are half serious, but in our case we have not made any claim aside from the three benefits, which are: proper blood circulation, prevention of injury, and enhancement of flexibility, nothing more,” explained Ronaldo Colmenar, general manager of Sports Entertainment & Events Management Inc. (SEEMI) the exclusive distributor of Phiten products.
Mr. Colmenar further explained that “when we say it improves blood circulation, prevents injury and enhances flexibility, we are only saying that if you use our products, it can help you attain a balanced state, a relaxed state for the body.” Phiten is not a sports product; it is a health product. It merely promotes overall wellness and well-being, and a healthy lifestyle for its users rather than making a dramatic improvement of their skills and abilities. “You feel better as you do your job and when you feel better, you perform better and you tend to do more. When you are not stressed out, you accomplish more,” he added.

Furthermore, these claimed benefits of using Phiten products are backed up with scientific studies from the Society of Aqua Metal Research, an independent third party group that performs scientific researches on the evidence of Aqua metal benefits such as the one infused in Phiten products. 

Phiten remains honest to its customers by not sensationalizing the benefits of their products. “If because of the three benefits you are able to score 50 points in basketball, I cannot categorically say that it is because of our product. But as far as you were not injured, and you feel more relaxed after the game, then we will say perhaps it is because Phiten helped in a way -- that is our only claim,” he concludes.

Phiten is an innovative Japanese brand of aquametal-infused wearable technology in the form of various accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, sports items and apparel famous among athletes and sports enthusiasts.

It was founded in 1982 by its president, Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner. Now found in countries over Asia, Europe, and US, Phiten continues to create waves in the sports, wellness and fashion industries.

“Nano-technology is the breaking down of titanium, silver, and gold minerals to nano particles which are then infused in the materials used to make Phiten products,” Colmenar added.

To learn more about Phiten and see its wide array of products, log on to or visit any Phiten shop kiosk and consigned stores nationwide. Visit Phiten’s Facebook page for updates and exciting online promos.

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