I need to get my daily solar dose, I need a Adtel Solar Kit!

Electricity is what I consider the most important necessity because without it, what would the world be?

And as a kid who grew in electric dreams, the need for power would be a must. As of now, I do have gadgets I would take along with me. Also Since I live by myself, the need for me to save on money is very crucial as the savings I can make will help me and my family.

I am currently studying engineering because I want to invent something and be revolutionary. It is complicated that is why for doing research and studies, again electricity is a friend I can rely on. 

I really want to have a solar panel kit with me so I could use it for a lot of things. One of which is to harness the bright sunlight that can still be felt in the afternoon. I would also like to use this when I go to my moms place in La Union, where they can use it as well.

Adtel is one company that offers solar kits for consumers, which is one of the very few companies that offer this 'cool' tool. They currently have a solar home kit  that includes a control box and a 2W LED lamp and can power a three-volt radio and a cellphone charger. I hope to try this one so that it would convert the nasty heat and turn it into beneficial energy. I hope to see more solar powered lights and machines so we would also help in saving mother earth with clean power.

For more information, you can go to this website by lopez link.

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