Your excellency,
                   I am but a mere young independent-minded Filipino who is part of the 90 million population of these islands. A striving student who is on the brink of not enrolling this school year due to high tuition and unemployment. I am also a blogger who writes about the social injustices yet have a few to no resources to be of aid. I have wrote this letter, my letter of hope and cooperation to your new administration. The truth is, I did not voted for you, yet I adore your parents and also promise to give my support to whoever will win the seat of the presidency, the most powerful position in the land.
                  I want to first congratulate you on your victory. The past elections was truly historical, yet the real battle would start after taking oath as the 15th president of the Republic. The country awaits your ascension to power and has an overwhelming number of woes and hopes for our country. I understand how its hard to decide on national issues, I hope you would be firm on them and they will be for the sake of making change.


This has been your creed during the campaign, and some of your competitors also use this. Changing the situation of the country is indeed no joke for anyone. I hope that in what you plan for the country would make a long term benefits and not just first aid to old wounds. I would suggest that one sector that is in need is Education. This sector was been the most unnoticed problem in the society as more children drop out of schools, deteriorate intelligently (due to lack of references and quality teachers), they now cry out to you to notice them. They may make up the majority but they would rely on someone who has authority and power.


A strong word which also describes what ar you capable of as the new leader. Power could also mean energy, electricity that make our economy run. Power which many parts of the islands would not stabilize and causes blackouts. Delays due to this causes more problems with services, products, infrastructures, and many other things that will affect or slow down progress. You have the power to decide on the best way to eleviate or erradicate this crisis. For this, I know it takes a lot of work.


As of now I belong to the unemployed, as I also struggle to work my way to college. Many Filipinos too are in the same situation, yet some of them did not reach tertiary education. Thus opportunity for employment is scarce.  Opportunities here are very limited, so many of us still leave the country everyday to seek greener pastures. You once said that you want more jobs available with good pay, its a statement that we will anticipate to be a reality.


The reality of the country has been revealed to you so many times in the past as you go around and see the real situation. Also you vow on eliminating corruption, which is one of the biggest leech in the progress of the country. It may have deep roots now, but your intentions are true and your heart is brave, I hope you may succeed in this endeavor. And as you lead at the start of this new decade, may you also unite the divided nation.


Our country, comprised of more than 7 thousand islands. You have passed most of the islands during the campaign. You have seen that each region has its own special needs to be addressed. Mindanao also wants permanent peace and to end the age-old wars.The victims of the Maguindanao massacre still cries out for justice. The restoration of flooded and drought lands in Luzon also asks for a new start. Nation-building is probably the toughest job you will encounter. However, amidst all of these problems that this country is having. You, as the president can be the catalyst.

For the Filipino people who put their faith in you, may you not fail them. For us, who doubted you, may you show you are worthy of that seat. For the others who feel that nothing will happen, may your actions convert them into hopeful and proud Filipino. What I have written here would be just a shallow discussion of the what the country. I hope you would take a chance to read my letter. I know I may not sound like a scholar from a prestigious school, but what I write here is with pure intentions. I am also a Filipino, who also wants a better Philippines to live in. A better living for my fellow Pinoys. For now, I maybe a critic to your administration, but if you proved my doubts wrong, I will be a faithful supporter for the change everyone has been waiting for.

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Anonymous said...

We really hope he does something about our Metro's urban plan to prevent another catastrophe like Ondoy.

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