Freshman Masculine Wash Launch with MOCHA

I was actually intrigued about this product and what it can do for men like me. I say 'Masculine Wash', is something kinda awkward so I decided to go it its launch at A.Venune in Makati. I have seen the billboard ads but have not seen the actual product. At the product launch, it looked more like a boys night out as there was booze, casino (poker, lucky6 and slot machines), and most of all sexy girls dancing on stage. There was also sleek cars parked in the middle of the venue giving it a 'astig' feel. Now this is now a man's ultimate night out with everything that would make him (me) happy. Elev8, which I believe is also an ad agency launched their own product which is this masculine wash.

Then, the venue really got burning when the girl group MOCHA, went on stage and provided entertainment for both the guys and the gals. It really lifted the spirit of the men inside the venue (me included). But there performance actually leads us to the star of the night...finally, the moment we have been waiting for...

Freshmen Masculine Wash has arrived!

It's a masculine wash that thoroughly cleans like an ordinary soap! The product's active ingredient, Tea Tree Oil, properly moisturizes the skin, neutrally balanced at ph7 making it gentle on the skin. It gives you that cool, fresh feeling that lasts all day!

It eliminates and protects the male genitals from germs that cause unwanted odor and itchiness! For minor scrapes and wounds, the masculine wash aids the immune system in the healing process. And the Freshmen Masculine wash has been dermatologically tested for proper intimate hygiene.

Freshmen Masculine Wash is already available in the market for s suggested retail price of 79 pesos per bottle.

'Cause men need to feel fresh, clean and cool too!

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