Art Is A Bang: Manuel Baldemor Paintings Relived in Crossstich

Here in Art is a bang we will feature the society of art of today. We have a lot of fine artist yet few would take a chance to appreciate it. Now Manual To Lyf will never make you look at art the same way again.  Knowing art and its components makes one view the world differently, probably artistically.

For the first serving of this we are featuring Painter Manuel Baldemor. Known to have painted festivals in vivid colors, was also the artist behind the SM greenbags. He is actually quite busy lately with trips and exhibitions around the world.

His works usually have colorful and bright paintings which usually depicts Philippine festival and also nature. Now in a unique exhibition at SM Megamall. DMC, a company known for making cross stitch treads and patterns have remade the works of M. Baldemor into real cross stitch works of art! For most of us, this art might have been extinct because of the fewer people who still engage in the craft, but it looked very interesting to look at, also if  you would compare the original masterpiece to the cross stitch version.
This unique style actually has a charitable cause for every purchase of the M. Baldemor patterns bought from DMC stores. Also if you would finish one,  you might have a chance to get it signed by the artist, terms and conditions apply. I have to say that this is a very unique art crossover.

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