Happy 4th of July!

Its the 4th of July which most Americans would celebrate independence day that also means barbecue day! For us Pinoys, its not really big but the government decalres it as the Filipino-American friendship day. Exactly 65 years ago, it was also known that this used to be the independence day of the Philippines. However, since President Macapagal changed it o June 12, the new generation does not really celebrate this day. Call centers with US clients would mean something to them as there would be less calls or even a holiday for some.  Nevertheless, the 4th of July is still something to blog about even in the Philippines. And yes, I do have relatives in the states and I know they are celebrating this one. I hope that when it come to our own independence day, we would be proud and celebrate it to comemorate our history which we also share with the americans.

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