I deserve an Android phone!

Why do you deserve an Android phone?  (this is the question from a post in jehzlau concepts)

Yes, you heard me right, more than a want, I need an android phone. Why? Its so obvious that I never had a phone like this, and since I am a blogger, I don't have a camera always handy to capture events and moments that I can share to the world. I am techie, yet my tools are not of the newest type (my laptop is the the first netbook ever... try to guess what it is...) but I always keep myself updated. I also love to use applications whether its games, scientific, etc. I just love to discover

As a blogger, I use a lot of sites and connections everyday. I tweet, I plurk, I Mac, I think, therefore I am. Going to events is tiring yet fulfilling as you would meet up with a lot of people everyday. I am also into the comics and cosplay scene which are also techies in their own way as they usually get their materials online and form text clans. Having a phone is great, but having the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android Phone would be the best!

I love to travel and meet new people, which blogging has gave me more opportunities for this one. So that is why I BADLY need one also because my (china) phone is showing signs of deterioration after more than two and a half years of service and a lot of accidents it has gone through. However, I think its time for me to move my cellphone a notch higher to also improve the techie lifestyle.
This phone would also be a good music player since I am also into music. I am a fan of samsung that most of the appliances that I had were of this brand (TV, refrigerator, and my mother used to have a samsung phone years ago). I always maximize the tools that I have, even my laptop although of an old model, is still handy in writing my blogs and organizing files. What more if I can acquire a more advanced tool for my everyday needs.
I love joining contests. And yeah, even though I maybe a probability in this race for the android phone. I would really take the chance and do efforts. And even though you may find my reasons simple, I love doing my thing. If ever I will win this one, It will create a big impact as I am can do more with a phone that can do a lot of things. Also it brings more color to my life as I can make more quality post in my blog and the power to do them on the go. That is how I badly need this one!

(image from my profile & jehzlau concepts)

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