WRITER: Chain Mail (Excerpt)

Here is the except from my novel CHAIN MAIL which I hope will be finished and be published in 2013.


A curse, a well planned curse. People have been mysteriously dying with no concrete evidence or suspects. All they have are pieces of paper that gives a death sentence to those who did not follow the instructions in the letter. The public is getting scared that they will receive one. It maybe a deadly prank or supernatural letter, two Investigators goes into the truth as they also avoid the touch of death or the feared chain mail.


Manila North Cemetery, 2pm in the heat of the national holiday, the feast for all saints known and unknown, a gruesome crime was committed. A. Dead teenage girl was seen in an open grave in the Cemetery. Though people have been there since Halloween, they never noticed this because it was placed on the most isolated corner of the block. 

AMELIA ANASTACIO. It is the identity they got from the corpse of the girl who is on her first year in College. Cause of death is loss of blood due to a cuts on her neck, wrists, and her side. According to medico legal, there was no signs of rape or struggle. Autopsy is still in progress to check for other evidences. Suicide is also ruled out because the weapon of abrasion is missing and it would be impossible for her to make the cuts by herself. 

She was found soaking in her own blood, wearing her school uniform and her bag is found beside her. They tried to get some finger prints from the bag and her clothing but all they have are her fingerprints. 

The motive was unclear since she was known to be a simple yet bright girl in class, she actually graduated Valedictorian. Her boyfriend was devastated upon hearing the news. He was on a family vacation in Surigao for the long weekend.

The police are in a stalemate case with no primary suspect or motive. Theft is also not a possibility as her belongings were with her. However, they retrieved a burnt letter near the grave. It was burnt with just a very small fraction left for the investigators to study. The remaining piece says in scribble but legible words:



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