The "facts" and "bluffs" of "Celebrity Bluff"

Last Saturday, GMA launched its new game show Celebrity Bluff hosted by Eugene Domingo with Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola of the Jose and Wally comic duo.

In the said episode, Michelle O'Bombshell joined in the bluffing as guest.  The celebrity contestants were Survivor Philippines Ultimate Survivor Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Jr., Julie Anne San Jose and Chariz Solomon.

Ultimately, Betong won the jackpot prize of P500,000 after completing three thrilling rounds and answering the jackpot question correctly.

As expected because of the innate wackiness of its hosts, the show turned out to be hilarious and naturally exciting.  But more than the fun, the interesting questions that even the most well read viewers would have a hard time answering is probably the most valuable asset of the show.

Here are a few of the "facts" and "bluffs" featured in last Saturday's episode:

Q: Ayon sa latest survey ng Social Weather Station, pagdating sa pag-ibig, ano ang unang ginagamit ng mga Pilipino: utak o puso?

Michelle O'Bombshell thought Filipinos, being Asians, have the tendency to become emotional and thus, to follow their heart. Betong agreed with her and as it turned out, they are right.

According to a recent survey by the Social Weather Station, 54% of Filipinos used their heart when it comes to love and relationships, while 45% used their brain.

Q: Ilan ang lanes ng Olympic size na swimming pool?

Celebrity contestant Julie Anne agreed with celebrity bluffer Wally when the latter said that there are 10 lanes in an Olympic size swimming pool.  Is Wally's answer a fact or a bluff?  

Actually, it's a fact.  An Olympic size swimming pool has ten (10) lanes.  How many of us would have gotten that right?

Q: Ayon sa poem na "A Visit from St. Nicholas," ilan ang reindeer ni Santa Claus?

Forget the first two questions, this one is tough.  While we think we are all too familiar with anything related to Christmas, how many of us would have answered this question correctly?  

When celebrity bluffer Michelle O'Bombshell answered seven, celebrity contestant Chariz Solomon was dubious for the right reasons.  Although Michelle was able to confidently name a few of the reindeers mentioned in the poem, she (possibly deliberately) included names like "Pusher," "User," and "Composer" in the list making her answer more likely to be a bluff.  Despite Chariz's apprehensions, she was swayed into believing that Michelle's answer (seven) is a fact.  The correct answer is eight (8).

Q: Ano ang trabaho ni Kuya Germs sa pelikulang pinagbidahan niya noong 1986: Cowboy, Clown o Zombie?

German Moreno, otherwise known as "Kuya Germs" in showbiz circles, is branded as the "Master Showman" of the local entertainment industry and in the past he has portrayed as a clown.  Well, every Filipino knows that he's not an action star or a horror icon like THE Lilia Cuntapay and so this question should be a no-brainer to most of us.  

The correct answer is "clown."

Q: Apat sa mga pelikulang ito ay batay sa aklat o nobela: Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, Himala, Laro sa Baga, Dekada '70, Oro Plata Mata, Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa?

Now, this is the trickiest question in the episode.  It better be since it is the 3rd Round question -- the one that decided whether Betong could move on to the Jackpot Round.

Amazingly, Betong figured out which four films were based on books/novels.  These are "Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?;" "Dekada '70;" "Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag;" and "Laro sa Baga."  The first two were based on novels written by acclaimed Filipino author Lualhati Bautista and the next two were based on novels written by  Edgardo M. Reyes.

Do you want to learn more interesting facts?  Tune in this Saturday to another fun-filled episode of Celebrity Bluff, airing after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA-7. 

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