"Celebrity Bluff" pilot wins against 'TV Patrol', 'Deal' in TV ratings

GMA's new game show, Celebrity Bluff, hosted by Eugene Domingo, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, aired its pilot episode last Saturday, November 17.  The episode garnered 16.5% TV household ratings in viewer-rich Mega Manila besting its competing programs TV Patrol Weekend (12.7%) and Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (14.8%). This is according to data from the more trusted TV ratings provider Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.

Furthermore, based on the exact overlap ratings results, Celebrity Bluff got a household rating of 15.0% in Metro Manila against TV Patrol Weekend's 13.1%, and 17.8% against Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal's 13.5%.

Survivor Philippines grand winner Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Comedienne Chariz Solomon and Pop Singing Sensation Julie Anne San Jose were the celebrity contestants in Celebrity Bluff's pilot episode, while comedienne/impersonator Michelle O'Bombshell was the guest celebrity bluffer.

Celebrity Bluff consists of three levels starting with the "Utakan Round."  In the said round, the three contestants draw lots to determine who among them will vie for the first question. The lucky contestant then chooses one celebrity bluffer to answer the question and then he/she will guess whether the celebrity bluffer's answer is a "Fact" or a "Bluff."  If the contestant's answer is correct, he/she receives a corresponding cash prize.  Otherwise, the cash prize will be divided between his/her competitors.  The contestant with the least amount of accumulated cash prize leaves the game at the end of the round.

In the second round, the two remaining contestants are each given a mission or challenge.  Whoever accomplishes his/her challenge within the pre-determined time period moves on to the final round.  In the case of a tie, another challenge will be given to both contestants to break it.  The contestant to complete the task first will move on to the next round.

In the third round, "Sagaran," the contestant is presented with a question and a set of possible answers.  Among these options, four are correct.  The contestant must be able to determine which ones are the correct answers.  Otherwise, he/she will only take home whatever cash prize he/she has accumulated so far. If the contestant gets all four correct answers, he/she will have the chance to answer the jackpot question, which is worth P500,000.

Last Saturday was another lucky day for Betong as he went home with P500,000. Although his fellow contestants -- Chariz and Julie Anne -- were not as lucky, they didn't go home empty-handed.  Chariz was eliminated during the first round, while Julie Anne still made it to the tie-breaker round after she and Betong both completed their respective missions/challenges within the allotted time in the second round.

The third round was a tough challenge for Betong.  It was apparent the he was not sure with his answer but he pushed on anyway with what his instincts had told him.  As it turned out, his instincts were right.

Don't miss the next exciting episode of Celebrity Bluff, airing this Saturday, November 24, after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA-7.

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