Changing Lives! Justin Timbaland, Justin Timberlake,and Jojo in one explosive concert!

Many artists are graced to perform here in the Philippines this year. However, there would be nothing better than having three very famous and established artists to perform for one night. I am a big fan of these three artist. Justin Timberlake being one of the best performers for this generation. Jojo which is known for her charm and voice that wowed the world. And most especially Timbaland, who make chart-topping  songs by collaborating with the best artists in the industry. This is benefit concert so it means that it would help a lot of people still affected by the calamities that happened here. So it would make a lot of difference in helping others while also enjoying the smooth and great sounds by the collaboration of the three.

Here is Timbaland's newest single with Kathy Perry that is topping the charts today, one of my favorites! I believe its what you have on you iPods or MP3 players! 

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