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Then and Now Concert Coverage

 The Then and Now Music Festival is probably the longest concert I have been to in my entire life but this is also one of the most number of international artist gathered in one event. Its a Audiophiles' dream to hear the original artist of today and the early 90's. It was a fusion of both eras and also a musical roller coaster as you will venture into pop, hip hop, r & b, and other genres that made hits. Artists like Jojo, Diana King, PM Dawn, TQ, Frankie J, Baby Bash, SWV, All for one, and  V Factory make up the concert which I think lasted up to 4 to 5 hours!
Pinoy front act, Myrus Ramirez
I was in the Gold Section of the venue which is so far a good view from the stage which is also a good audio point. Its also my first time to experience a concert in the MoA grounds which I have heard unhappy experiences with past concerts but I kept myself open and would like to focus on the musical variety. since the artists were coming from different eras and generations which you can distinguish the differences and the pros and cons of their styles. I am born in the late 80's so I was very young when recalling the older singers but I have to admit the voice and performance quality is very organic and smooth than the latter year artists.
V Factory
My favorite was Diana King for her renditions that still have the same quality and a certain "chill" that you can also say as an X-factor for her. Rap artist PM Dawn gave tribute to master rapper Francis M which also uplifted the crowds spirits. Jojo was also good, and what shocked me is her metamorphosis from a teen pop singer into a hot rockin' chick that has substance and appeal. Most of them were first timers in the Philippines, except for Jojo (her second visit after the Changing Lives concert with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake) and all for one who have been to the country several times. And so far they were very happy with the warm Filipino hospitality and hope to stay or come back soon.
Of course there would be some slip ups from the technical department like no mike volume, uneven sound projection and delayed production sequences, also include the irritating static which I think could be avoided if the the technical aspects were really been inspected well. Because even with great international artists as the acts, with a crappy sound system it would also produce a very bad tune and reaction. Also since its an open air venue, the time duration will actually wear people out, and since there are no chairs, tension is easily produced thus many would be provoked to sit in the ground or leave. I hope that these points would be noted by the organizers for future concerts or events to ensure that the place is still a worthy location for this kind of  gatherings. However, I could still say that the ticket price is still worth it if you dig the artists for the musicality and creativity.

 PM Dawn
  Diana King
 Frankie J
 Baby Bash with Frankie J
a hot and sizzling JOJO!

Too bad my battery was out when all for one and SVW were performing. But they were best in the batch since they have still proven themselves as very versatile and consistent performers which many may have overlooked. Its like listening to radio and bringing you back to memory lane of the 90's.  However, despite these cool facts, I had to endure the very long concert but so far, definitely worth watching all the talented artists. Thanks to kuya Azrael for the tickets and here is a song from the concert by Diana King. Promise, even if its a classic it will still leave you with an LSS of it.

Changing Lives! Justin Timbaland, Justin Timberlake,and Jojo in one explosive concert!

Many artists are graced to perform here in the Philippines this year. However, there would be nothing better than having three very famous and established artists to perform for one night. I am a big fan of these three artist. Justin Timberlake being one of the best performers for this generation. Jojo which is known for her charm and voice that wowed the world. And most especially Timbaland, who make chart-topping  songs by collaborating with the best artists in the industry. This is benefit concert so it means that it would help a lot of people still affected by the calamities that happened here. So it would make a lot of difference in helping others while also enjoying the smooth and great sounds by the collaboration of the three.

Here is Timbaland's newest single with Kathy Perry that is topping the charts today, one of my favorites! I believe its what you have on you iPods or MP3 players! 

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