Starbucks Mezza is now open! Free wifi at SM Centerpoint!

Lately there had been nice improvements here in the Sta Mesa area after it was badly affected by typhoon ondoy last year. Mezza by SM has been a great landmark there. And since its also across my school (CCP), it has been very convenient for me. But what caught my attention is the new starbucks store on Mezza. Its kinda exciting since SM Sta Mesa does not have Starbucks and the other store is located kilometers away in Quezon Boulevard. It actually opened last week and saw that they have a lot of customers which I can say is a nice location. I am looking forward to enjoy a frappe here soon. 

Also another thing that happened in SM City Sta Mesa is the launch of the FREE WIFI! Yes you heard it right, free wifi and this time its available in one of SM's pioneer mall. I have not tried it yet but I was able to get a pic from the launch and it seems to be good. Now these things made me so happy since its just beside school. I thought that Sta Mesa was left out but with these improvements in the area, I feel that this is be a center of trade, education and also amusement. Now the only thing missing is a McDonalds branch, the branch in SM closed and never opened since then. Well at least there are improvements and these makes life here in Sta Mesa more convenient.

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