Central Colleges of the Philippines won National Cheer leading Competition!

I almost forgot that this day was also the championship of the National Cheerleading Competition  for the College Division. I did not actually went to the venue which was the Ynares Stadium but I have watched it via studio 23. There were 19 teams that is labeled as the top cheering squad in the whole country. And since there is more than thousands of schools in the nation, its a privilege that a school would be part of the 19 qualifying teams. 
And since the competition is cheerleading, the routine of each team would be unpredictable. Cheerleading is also prone to a lot of accidents especially to the ones who are usually tossed up in the air.  This is the 5th year of the competition and my school, CCP, has won 2 championships since then and for this year, they intend to regain the championship title from University of Perpetual Help Delta.
This season of NCC is also special since the brodcast of the event can be watched on High Defenition via ABS-CBN sports. Its also my fist time to see the Ynares stadium which is a new facility and different from the Ynares Colliseum in Antipolo. Since there were 19 teams in the competition, the exhibition time is lessened to 2 minutes and a half. There is also minimal props so it would concentrate more in the movements and stunts of the teams.
The Central Colleges of the Philippines has also won an International Cheerleading Championship, held in Brisbane Austrailia. Well as a student there, I also saw how they spend long hours even in the wee hours practicing their stunts and dances, so I believe that they are worthy of the title. Of course, the other teams have their sacrifices and contributions for their respective teams. Now since all the schools are of the best in the nation, everyone in the 19 teams are awarded. Now below are the ranking of the winners of NCC 2010:

1. Central Colleges of the Philippines - Another achievement after winning internationally!
2. University of the Cordilleras - also my favorite! They have been consistent in the top 5 for these years, kudos!
3. University of Perpetual Help System Delta - they won last year.
4. De La Salle University - for this team I felt that the men were in the spotlight...something like an 'astig' feel
5. Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan - I have to admit they were better than sister school ADMU...
6. Polythechnic University of the Philippines - Taguig -  A big leap of ranking this year!
7. Tarlac State University - who said Tarlac is just rice fields? its home of cool cheerleaders!
8. Rizal Technological University - they lived up to their name to be innovative
9. Ateneo de Manila University - They made sure that they set a standard of international cheerleading.
10. Jose Rizal University - the BOMBS!
11. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University - the Pride of Dadiangas! (General Santos City)
12. Palawan State University - Good job for a new commer in the NCC finals!
13. Araullao University - PHINMA - cool choreography!
14. Southern Luzon State University - not the usual cheering squad!
15. Mapua Institute of Technology - they showed that they are good in sports aside from engineering
16. Angeles University Foundation - a new team to enter the finals and has a good future
17. St. Michael's College Laguna - this school is in Binan, hey I'm from Binan too! 
18. Virgins Cheerleading Squad - loved the costume! 
19. Unibersidad de Maynila - I saw their team several times in various competitions and agree that they are worthy to be part of the Philippines' best cheer squad.

now here is the winning cheer from the Central Colleges of the Philippines Bobcats!

I hope to see more action and amazing stunts next year, and who knows another Cinderella story will be born in the competition. And since it covers the whole country, more people would take interest in watching this and also show support! 

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  1. Woooo congratulations to you all! ^_^. you deserve that victory. keep it up! hope to see more victories up ahead ^_^.


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