OH! So Many Thrills with Chowking Orange Chicken!

(with a very surprised exclamation)

Things can happen unexpectedly and so fast that this is the only word that we could say. And this was my cry when I attended the event for Chowking's 25th anniversary at one of its branch in Bonifacio Global City. Its also the official launch of their newest product which is the Chowking Orange Chicken. This Oh-some and Oh-range-gy dish is endorsed by top actor Jericho Rosales. With the launch of the dish, which has a very appealing color and taste of the sweetness of oranges and the  juiciness of chicken that would make you dance.
Speaking of dance, the event was also filled with the party spirit since there is a dance craze that made all of the people dance, they called it the Chicken Dance. To the tune of Keysha's tictoc, a simple yet viral dance was introduced to the audience. And it was not hard for all to learn the dance since everyone is having a good time doing it.
Its seems like the song also became a last song syndrome to us who attended because up to now, I can't still get over the song and the
steps. Many of my friends are also experiencing the same feeling. It was really fun and exciting. What also made the night very spiced up is when they gave away prizes to the audience that have the best performance of the Chicken dance. I was lucky to win a swatch watch for my efforts, also my blogger friends took home prizes.

What also took my attention is when the president of Chowking, Mr. Erwin Elechicon also did the orange chicken dance on stage and made a good performance. Its seems everyone in the store (that they converted into a party house) is infected with the viral dance craze. And who would not be? The energy from the people inside the store is bursting with energy  from all the surprises.
Aside from the cosplayers present in the event, there was a flash mob that made a scene at the start of the program. You don't see a flash mob everyday epecially inside a fast food store. So far, it made an impression on me that I am in a variety show and forgot that this is a restaurant.
And there was a contest that they did for the cosplayers wherein 11 individuals were dancing with Jericho doing the Orange Chicken Dance. Its  kinda cool since you don't also see cosplayers dancing a different genre other than anime. Alodia Gosiengfiao, one of the country's top cosplayer, is also one of the contestant for this one. To vote for your favorite cosplayer, you may view them in their youtube  account.  So many thrill happened so fast yet unforgettable. Its a bice way of celebrating your success in the food industry that lasted for 25 years now. So far,  The  experience was very fun and made me interested to be a fan of the Orange Chicken, and even the dance!
(flaps arms like wings)
Photos from the Chowking's Orange Chicken page in facebook

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