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One Love Senti Sale!

Spread the love with great items this love month! Get the chance to own the Man From Manila's things through a limited auction for the benefit of the Born To Be A Hero Values Education and Character Development Program for Public High School Students. Visit this Feb 16-18 and place your bids on a number of Francis M's things.

You may follow them on Twitter for updates: @UkayAlalay

SEAMLESS NA!!! A Tribute to Francis Magalona

It has been a year since he left us. However, his legend remains in his music, his family, fans and everyone who loved him. Hailed as the king of Pinoy Rap & Hip hop in the Philippines. He is the pioneer and made the standards of the industry in the country. I have always been fan of this man. I admired him for his vision, his passion for his craft. He managed to stay in showbiz and the music industry for a long time until his death. And even at the age of 40 plus, he seems to be like a teenager dude. I want to be like him, well probably minus the prowess of rap since I'm not good at it yet. 
Earlier this day, Eat Bulaga and other shows have shown their tribute to the master rapper a year after his passing. And you will still feel that the love for him never ceases. The Rap industry in the Philippines will be grateful to him and look at him as an Icon. And most of my generation have grown up with his songs and is still played in mp3 players and the radio. His music did not just remain in the air or in recordings, but it penetrated our hearts and souls.