Year 23

Yup, Its My I am making this one at 4 am in the morning, not that I have not slept but I just finished my Iron Man 2 review before hitting the sack. The movie was not free and I think it was like a treat to myself. But still now that I am *ahem* older, I dont care, age is not defines me, but what I am today is what reflects me.   The picture you see above is not a political ad but something I have made years ago and NO, I will not run for politics. Just love to make you smile with what I can do, in any way that I can. I was also flooded with greetings over at my facebook which I try to respond to all of them. I have over 1000 friends, and I know most of them personally. My Palanca entry won't be possible since its deadline already, oh well better luck next year. I will still try. I have been to a lot these times yet I still fins reasons to be very very happy. To tell you the truth I really want to receive a gift today, but it does not matter how small or expensive it is, it will still make my birthday a great day. Tomorrow is Labor day and Free Comic Book Day, so there is also something to be excited after this day. Yey!

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