SM Cyberzone Summer Festival Adventures: Final Stop!

Like what I have promised in my last post  almost a month ago, I again went on an exciting adventure at the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival and this time and for the Final stop  would be SM Megamall! Even if this is my second time to experience this, It still became a unique and more enjoyable day because of friends that I have with me on this one.
I thought for the second round of my adventures I would have to go alone, since I understand that most of my friends are busy with their own lives. But It was very fortunate of me to have some other blogger friends with me going to SM Megamall. Even though I live in Pasig, I just atteneded an earlier event in Makati where I have met with my blogger friends. Coincidentally, they also were on the way to SM Megamall to attend the same event and was also curious about what will happen.
I was with Ate Sire and her sister Mabelle from Makati to Ortigas via the MRT and when we arrived at the mall, we have also encountered fellow blogger Jonel who has been to the event center. And as we were at the registration booth we also came across anime Blogger, jay Angeles which is a good friend of mine. So the solo flight that I was expecting turned out to be a group experience. Of course, we went to the Picture booth to have our pictures taken and this time, I tired to pose with a prop (a hat). And again, I am posing myself like the model that I am.
Since the mall is bigger, it should be expected that the booth will be crowded and they will try out  the different areas to experience the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival. Because of this, there was a long line of people who wanted to try out the Wii games and the Guitar Hero. Although I was planning to seek redemption on how poor I gauged at the same game the last time. I actually enjoyed watching others  do their stuff which I think I should get a Wii for myself soon. Also there was also a Private Iris booth for the kids, too bad I'm way past the age limit.

Well also one interesting thing is again I have encountered the DJ and his booth were you can ba a DJ for a day.  This time, I get to see him perform live and took the chance to record it and share it with you.
we were also greeted by a heavy downpour of rain which actually stranded us for a while, we took the opportunity to do one more thing. Go online and plurk/tweet about the event we were now. So it was another epic win for that day as it officially ends the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival on its last stop in Megamall. Summer maybe almost over as school days are near and the rainy season starts, It was a summer adventure that many have enjoyed at the different SM Malls in the country, including me and my friends at the Cyberzone Summer Festival!  Woohoo!

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