New American Idol LEE DEWYZE

"Oh My God!" - Lee Dewyze

I have not actually followed the whole season since I have no time in watching the series on TV. Also I find the season quite bland but I still believe that there are still  worthy talents that deserve a break in the music industry. I liked Crystal Bowersox for the quality and musicality. Although I think that one winning factor of Lee Dewyze is is evolution from a good singer into a great one.

I almost forgot that this was the last American idol of Simon Cowell, even though he is mean sometimes, he has a point and also gives a challenge to the contestants. I think, even if I have missed this season, I might get back again and still live the American Idol dream. By the way, I actually watched the Finale at Greenbelt 3 cinema sponsored by Greenwich. So there were food, photo and some souvenirs so I would really enjoy Idol fever!

Again, Congratulations LEE DEWYZE!

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