The time has come for us to be part of history. This is the first automated election in the country and will be known even after centuries to come (if 2012 will not perish us all). This is also a day for us to exercise our right to suffer ... este suffrage in other words, vote. I have still some positions that I am still deciding who will I choose. Also this is the first Social Media Coverage of the elections. We should also take caution and vigilance with the different forces that will clash later. Also I would like to still and ever continue to ask to vote according to your will and make sure that the one you chose is the one is the one you will not regret after this. Be firm. many would still be undecided up to now, yet keep your vote sacred

Think your not significant since your just a speck of vote, think again. If that would be the mentality of all the Pinoy voters, the scenario will result that will be determined by just alliances. On record there are over 50 million plus plus plus voters in the Philippines. And it would really matter since the beneficiaries of it will be the almost 94-100 million Filipino who are mostly under the poverty line. Yeah I think you know that already, so why wait to make these ill-figures grow when the power to really change is in a vote.

Doing your part for this day will be a citizen effort, not just yours, not just mine, but ours. Shared responsibility and liability. This is the day that we have been waiting for more than 6 years, or you can say 9 years. Its our actions who will make us live better or worse. If everyone is in, no one will get hurt, no one will die, no one will be sacrificed. If this is a little bit idealistic for you, then better make your own country, because a Pinoy will strive for a better country which many have already died for it.

So what can you do? You are now the new media...

Here are some information that can help you.

Through Blog Watch
1. If you have twitter account, use the hashtags #juanvote
2. Email news, url of your post , photos, url of photo gallery, video gallery

3. We will have updates every 2-3 hours on May 10 so the more frequent the news, the better

Through #juanvote
#juanvote welcomes all types of reports through the following:

* Twitter Use hashtag #juanvote
* Email
* Text and send to any of the following numbers:
o 09274004190
o 09995178201
o 09223913567

What to report

REPORT ANY INCIDENT THAT VIOLATES THIS GENERAL RULE: All eligible voters have a right to vote freely and to have those votes counted quickly and accurately to determine the winners in the electoral contests.

Voting Issues

* Delays in opening of precincts
* Preventing any registered voter to cast a vote
* Missing names of registered voters in List of Voters
* Receiving a ballot that has already been pre-marked or with shading
* Any person checking out how a voter is casting a vote (violation of privacy and secrecy)
* Precinct runs out of ballots (If precinct runs out of ballots, a voter should be allowed to cast votes in next precinct)
* Precinct runs out of markers
* Precinct has wrong ballot
* Suspension of voting for whatever purpose
* Non-use or unavailability of indelible ink to mark voters who have already voted
* Premature closing of precincts

Automated Election System Issues

* No PCOS machine in precinct
* PCOS machine malfunctions
* PCOS machine rejects ballots
* CF card (memory card) malfunctions
* Brownouts at any time on Election Day at the precincts
* Unauthorized personnel (non-COMELEC) accessing the PCOS machine
* Stealing or destruction of the PCOS machine

Election Violence

* Unauthorized presence of armed military or police personnel
* Unauthorized presence of unidentifiable armed persons (private armies, militias)
* Fighting in precincts, polling centers and canvassing centers
* Any physical attack or threat of physical attack against any teacher or official authorized by the COMELEC, or against any voter, any group of voters, any candidate, or supporters of any candidate or party

COMELEC: Prohibited acts on Election Day

* Campaigning
* Selling, furnishing, offering, buying, serving or taking intoxicating liquor
* Giving, accepting free transportation, food, drinks and things of value
* Soliciting votes or undertaking any propaganda for or against any candidate or any political party within the polling place or within thirty (30) meters thereof
* Voting more than once or in substitution of another
* Holding of fairs, cockfights, boxing, horse races or other any other similar sports
* Opening of booths or stalls for the sale, etc., of merchandise, or refreshments within a radius of thirty meters from the polling place

Other Hotlines

* COMELEC: 525-9296, 5259345, 5275574, 5271892, 5259335, 5259294, 5270821, 5259297
* PPCRV: 5253476, 5265694, 5260869, 5261417, 5260012, 5236574, 5254992, 5264572, 5262248
* NAMFREL: 4704151, 4847590, 0927-9611524, 0919-3389344
* KONTRA DAYA: 5693427, 0921-2953004, 0915-2332413

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