Fud Fyt Is Now Officially A Blog!

Fud fyt has been a segment of Manual to Lyf as the food Authority even in the multiply blogging days. And I have noticed recently that there is a NEED for this segment to put up a notch and give it some independence. And since Food Blogging has a lot of things one can talk about which I can add more substance and flavor to it. Like a dish it should be subjected to something new, like experimenting. And even if has its own spot, It still remains a important part of how appreciate food, flavors and all the other elements.

I am still working on the blog for its initial post and also archiving some other posts that I have complied in my multiply account. So in due time, it can actually be a book about food plus more interesting and mouth -watering post that will make you go into a Fud Fyt! 

We will also celebrate the new logo containing Manual to Lyf.  Basically its like opening a new branch which once was just a cabinet. I hope you will like the new changes, but still keep that hungry mouth drooling for tasting the endless possibility of enjoying and knowing food.

Now lets celebrate!   

But don't fret, there will be an interesting read you will love coming this June 2010.

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