MTV Philippines goes off the air?!

I was shocked when I was checking TV to watch MTV Philippines which had become a routine for me, a night person to just get a daily dose of music and videos. Then what I just seen was a black blank background. I also got some hints from plurk and also checked out the mtv twitter page and it confirmed my fears. It said


Its really sad for me since I was a avid fan of the network ever since I was in my grade school and high school days. I also bought and had a collection of its MTV ink magazine. So what now? Everything is still unclear to me why do they need to go off air. Are there better things in the future? Will MTV Asia take over? Will there be a reformat of the network. This was also unprecedented since they just launched U92.3 fm which is  doing good so far. Also I never heard they will go off air or even signs of it. I might have not notice in my twitter that it was really ending.  However, I still have my faith up that it might return to better. If it does not, I just want to know why just to justify a closure. And as I still wonder, the song "All good things (come to an end)" plays in my mind.

To MTV Philippines, thank you for making my day and igniting my passion for music and arts!

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