Taize Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth in Manila 2010

In the real world filled with injustice and chaos, hunger, despair, hopelessness, and sadness, people tend to resort into hostile ways to survive. However, they also forget that one can they might need to be silent and pray. Many of us may have forgotten to keep communicating with the creator. That is why a group of dedicated men from France, led by brother Roger, started the lifestyle of Taize prayer. 

The Taize brothers has expanded community to youth all over France and into the European continent to share their spirituality to others. And now, they established it into many countries such as the Philippines. From the village in France the other brothers have arrived here since last year to do the preparations and also lead the actual celebration.This event is an annual event in Europe, and there is also another continental counterpart in different countries.

The event lasted for 5 days, and I was lucky to be one of the participants. And since this is an international event, people from all walks of life, nationalities and creed came and joined in prayer. This event is not exclusive to Catholics, there were also other denominations which is what Taize aims to create a ecumenical community. Each day there would be noon and evening prayers with the brothers. In the morning, the participants would visit nearby parishes to conduct the morning prayers. And in the afternoon, workshops are conducted that promoted bonding and sharing, making the experience very worthwhile. 

After the pilgrimage, more than the bonds and friends met along the way, it was really good to know that you felt like a better person. And I could really say that this was a blessing since I am still in many crises. This opportunity was very worthwhile and I would like to share it here in my blog. I hope that some of my friends that I have met would be able to read this. and also share their stories. And if you are interested in Taize or want to know more about them visit taize.fr

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