Hug-a-palooza at Enchanted Kingdom!

Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year celebrated at the same time is very rare and exciting. On this day its like a double celebration for all. And this celebration is not exclusive to lovers but also friends and families. Its actually fun to wear red on that day since you will fit in even without a date (however all my red clothes are in the laundry, so I wore white instead). Moreover, since its a sunday what fun way to celebrate it is to visit a theme park like Enchanted Kingdom.
This  was my chance to visit EK after quite some time now. And I vow the last time that I will try the Space Shuttle Max (which I have conquered successfully!). Not much has changed but I noticed the flux of people inside the park since that day is a double, I mean...triple celebration. Its also my first time to spend it with blogger friends. Of course, I made sure I had a souvenir to remember this day, which I got a glow in the dark wizard wand! Yup, I felt like a ten year old to be enchanted with a toy like that. I also spotted a lot of couples there, which makes me conclude that this is still hot venue for a Valentine's date.
 For this day Enchanted Kingdom has introduced a new annual activity that will set a record for the park. Its Hug-a-palooza. The event aims to set the most number of people hugging inside a theme park. This event is a first so many people are very interested on it will be set. The record was also monitored by Pinoy Records of GMA7. It actually based on the number of guests inside the park. And an estimated of more than 6000 guest in the park recorded did hug at the same time as fireworks filled the skies. The management of Enchanted Kingdom would like to exceed the record next year by inviting more guest for another attempt for the hugging record.
Happy Chinese New Year!
 Eldar the Wizard casts the spell to hug each other!

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