Love, Luck and Penance...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even if I'm not into a relationship (right now, but hopefully) I do feel that love is all around me with my family and friends as I know that the essence of love does not limit to lovers only but to all who love.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
The year of the metal tiger has arrived, which many people are more anxious about what would be the fate of the country and the world with the time of this astronomical sign. Although I have quite a good knowledge about Chinese Astronomy, I would not make it the basis of how I would live my life in this new lunar new year. There is always hard work, patience, wisdom and goodness that will lead anyone who follow those ways to success, happiness and peace of mind.


Ash Wednesday

Its actually not a very festive celebration but more of a solemn observance of the start of Lent as many Christians would start to reflect on the life of Christ as he journeys to Jerusalem into his condemnation. It may have a gloomy feel as we draw near those days but it actually would make us reflect into ourselves upon our works as a person. Also, we must recognize that even though we came from dust, a worthless object no one would want, we were worthy to be redeemed by the blood of the Lord. Like Valentine's Day, its actually the greatest form of showing love for someone like us.
As we were smudged with ash on our foreheads, we must remember that this should be a covenant between God and us to be change for the better. A call that we usually never respond, probably pretty much pre-occupied with work, school, problems, bills and all other things that would get our attention that we fail to just stop, be silent, and listen to the voice that is calling us all of our lives.

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