Microsoft Bloggers' Night with Cool Programs!

This year 2010 we always want to know what's new with programs that we use in our computers. And we are a hard audience to please. We expect to see more new features and convenience when using them. And after Microsoft launched Windows 7, may were pleased with the improvements. And as the new decade enters, a new kind of experience was launched by Microsoft which is Office 2010.
Recently Microsoft launched a Bloggers' Night at their office in Makati. It was a party starting with food and some bottles of beer. But the main event is actually the launch of the Office 2010 beta and other imaging and sharing programs. Starting with Office 2010, of course you may be already familiar with the interface of Office 2007 but for this one it got more interactive, multifunctional and can be shared and edited online! Imagine also doing photo and video cropping inside Powerpoint. And if you may need to edit some of the files, you can do them online especially if the computer you are using does not have Office tools in it.
One cool program is a photo tool that stitches photos to create a panoramic view just like the picture above. Plus with a podcasting and sharing function of Office tools, sharing and presenting files can be made more easier and creative. The night was not really filled with presentations and discussions, because it is still Bloggers' night and what we felt was more of a bonding session with fellow bloggers especially me as I meet with online friends and expecting to have another  one in the future. And I also feel excited to try at home Office 2010 which actually works on my computer running on XP! Office 2010 is still in beta so you can still download and try it!

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