Papa Jack Brings Love Advice On TV With “CALL ME PAPA JACK”

Papa Jack of Love Radio 90.7 is one of the most notable names in radio today. He is known to be the one who popularized on air love advice in the new millennium which many radio stations followed and has become a staple of prime-time radio.

His popularity led him to a lot of opportunities such as endorsements, gigs, and most of all fans who love to listen to his radio show True Love Conversations on Air on Love Radio 90.7 every 9PM. Now he starts 2015 with another mileage in his career with a TV show that follows the love advice format just like his radio show. 

"Call Me Papa Jack"  started its pilot episode with Vice Mayor Isko Moreno as his first guest last Saturday. The show is a mix of a talk show and segments for callers seeking love advice from Papa Jack who incorporates different ways of answering their queries as well as to make it entertaining with his witty lines and wacky gestures.

On the recent BlogCon held at the MBC studio, Papa Jack shared his daily routine inside the booth as well as the loyal followers and listeners who stays with him all night to see and hear the show live. Some of them actually hails from the far edges of the metro and some even come from the provinces and even balikbayans who listen to him online.

Papa Jack is known to be unconventional which makes him  and his lines interesting. From intellectual observations, to live "okrayan" on air. There is no room for boredom in his show. As one of TV5's newest line up for new shows, "Call Me Papa Jack" puts his craft and talent a notch higher plus also expanding audience to people who watches primetime weekend shows.

For the next episodes, Papa Jack will have musician-host Julia Clarete as his guest this coming January 31, and then “Mac & Chiz” star Bianca King, teen heartthrob and current talk-of-the-town Brett Jackson, young actress Ynna Asistio, and many more. 

"Call Me Papa Jack"  airs on TV5 every Saturday 10PM.

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