Vince Ferraren on his modeling success: ‘It’s not all about looks’

In a time when gorgeous Pinoy models with foreign blood are competing for modeling gigs in the country, Filipino-Australian Vince Ferraren seems to have broken into the local modeling industry with relative ease—straight from an IT job in Australia.

“Pinapasok ako ng kuya ko sa isang model training sa Australia so I took a course there for about a week and did one fashion show. I then decided to come to the Philippines,” said the 24-year-old model, who strives to speak in fluent Filipino.

“Pumunta kami dito para magbakasyon but then I met the guy who wants to be my manager and he was like, come over and try modellng,” Vince relates how his career path took a momentary twist into uncharted territory.

With his good looks, toned physique, and towering height, it didn’t take long for Vince to snag an endorsement deal with a giant clothing brand—joining various underwear fashion shows and appearing in billboards in the Metro's thoroughfares.

But it is more than his 6’4” height that made Vince stand out in this competitive environment. Aside from his physical attributes, it is his attitude—towards others and towards his job—that turned heads in the industry.

Indeed, Vince encounters new people and makes a lot of friends, especially during shoots. So for him, the secret to maintaining good relations and stature in the business is not just confined to being attractive and having a toned body, but also by maintaining good oral hygiene.

He shares, “I always have a travel kit that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, especially when there’s some acting stuff involved, may ka-partner ako, and then we’re very close. What if she’s a beautiful girl and I like her, but my breath doesn’t smell so good?”

This explains why Vince stresses the importance of using a mouthwash to complement brushing and flossing—a habit that dentists advocate. He thus makes sure to include OraCare Mouthrinse as part of his oral hygiene regimen, making him feel confident that his breath constantly smells fresh and clean when he deals with people, on- or off-cam.

Vince is likewise relieved that OraCare works without the sting or burning sensation that one usually gets from other mouthwash brands that contain alcohol. Because he has sensitive gums, OraCare is the ideal fit for him.

“I have tried other mouthwashes in Australia and here in the Philippines. I have sensitive gums, so when I go to the dentist, he reminds me to treat my gums gently. This is why I like OraCare—it’s mild—like you’re gargling with water--yet you know it is effective,” he avers.

Aside from ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable gargling experience, OraCare contains an active ingredient called Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, which kills bad bacteria that are not eliminated by simply brushing and flossing. The active ingredient also neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds—the main source of strong mouth odors.

For someone like Vince who always smiles and projects happy vibes on-cam, the benefits of good oral hygiene go beyond the physical. “When I know that I have a real clean and healthy mouth, I feel better and more confident,” he says.

OraCare Mouthrinse, made by Pascual Laboratories, Inc., is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It comes in three variants—Regular, Cool and Merrymint.

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