First Blog of 2015!

Another year has arrived! But first let me greet all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 from the Philippines to the world and to the entire universe! Yes, Manual to Lyf is happy to reach the new year. There has been a lot that have happened in 2014 both bitter and sweet. Also it is another year that I am back in the corporate world after being school. Yet, I still have time to blog and attend events. 

There are a lot of things that we have gone through last year, and I am also happy with all triumphs, either big or small, that made happy memories. We also recognized the unfortunate events that made me sad but eventually gave us life lessons and a stronger heart and mind to face challenges.

2014 was the year of change, of starting up, renewal and leveling up. From new acquisitions of new gadgets (mostly purchased), to letting go of things for others to experience bliss. This was also the year I made my wattpad active with all my written works finally starting to take shape and I hope to make more time for it soon.

2014 was also a time for heartbreak for me, I was on the brink of proposing my love, but too bad I was way too late. So I ask that 2015 will be more "feels friendly" for me. It might not be that major since I have been single all my life, but still that how harsh life is, you do not get everything you wanted.

Friendship was the best I have last year, with many of them giving me opportunities and opening up to new adventures. I am  very grateful and hope to cherish them more this new year.

With new things in life and a more stabler condition, I am looking forward to bring more personal blogs here in Manual to Lyf. With the other brands having their own pages and 'facelifts', things are also looking forward for me to continue what I really love and that is to share stories. Also one of the best last year was my youtube page hit 1 Million views and 1 thousand subscribers, well as of this writing it already hit 1.6 Million and 1300+ subcribers, which I say a big THANK YOU! for all the support! Watch out for a more viral and entertaining content soon!

So again, thank you for all friends in the industry, media, PRs, brands, networks, friends and family which keeps me happy and sane throughout these years. I declare this year 2015 as the year of Success and Love!

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