Arenaball Philippines Now on New Season!

Soccer might have found its way to popularity in our shore via the Azkals, but there is another football that is also gaining fans and also teams. As we might not be die hard fans of American football, but when a group of Pinoys who love the sport came up with the decision to bring the game here, players and fans appeared. The games are actually open to groups given. Now on its second season, it promises more excitement and action. Held at the Marikina Sports Center, I was amazed to see the sport up close and personal and the action is so fast yet things can get rough but fortunately they always have protective gear.

ArenaBall Philippines Inc. (ABP) is the first Philippine SEC-registered corporation to introduce American or tackle football (Philippine style) in the country, complete with football game gears and uniforms. The team comprises of mostly Filipino player with the remaining slots for foreign nationals who would also love to get into the action. They hope that the sport will grow and would spread all over the country as more and more people now know the sport and soon form team and soon a big league. Who knows, we might have our own super bowl someday.

ABP's main objective is to introduce the game, educate and invite prospective players, technical support staff and coaches, composed primarily of students and professionals in Metro Manila. ABP currently has four committed teams, the Juggernauts, Wolves, Barracudas and Bandits, to do exhibition games in schools, villages and other sports venues, with the end goal of forming other teams.

ABP is founded and established by Bernardo "Dodi" Palma II, with American partners headed by Eduardo "Jon-Jon" Yamsuan Jr.

Arenaball Philippines Season 2 launch is sponsored by Cushe footware, Banapple, Dragon Fireworks, and Muscletape. Here are the schedules for the games:

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