Nuffnang and Hapee First Class in the Industry

What makes a brand first class? It can be proven in so many ways and always have an edge above the others. Like the mutants of the X-men First class, they were the pioneers in gathering powerful individuals and making a great team. These traits also is what Nuffnang, the region's leading blog advertising community and Hapee, the leader in providing affordable and quality toothpaste in the country has also pioneered to go a step further and left a mark in the industry. Though they don't have mutant powers they have built communities helping other people. Like in hapee, who employs people with impaired hearing which give jobs to handicapped people. And Nuffnang, helping bloggers and advertisers with community events and ads. This also inspires me to watch, X-men first class as I am a fanatic of the series even back in the comics and television series. So don;t be afraid to be special and first class because you can and you can change the world.

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