Its indeed a musical world especially in television which is not only exclusive for western series, this time Asia will be invaded with the first Pan-Asian musical series, THE KITCHEN MUSICAL, featuring a pool of Asia's talented casts comprising both veteran and up-and-coming new faces from around the region, The Kitchen Musical is a tantalizing tale stretching 13 episodes of an hour each, centered around good food, great wines. 
Christian Baustista as Chef Daniel

Each episode will be wrapped in specially re-arranged and re-recorded popular hit songs animated with dance sequences. A menu of delicious dishes and dessert will be featured every episode that promises to be as luscious and addictive as the show itself. The Kitchen Musical is set in the musical world of a famous restaurant and anchored around the storyline of a rich young girl’s journey of self-discovery when she starts working in the kitchen of the restaurant, straight out of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Starring Stephen Rahman Hughes from Malaysia, and proudly Pinoy Diva Karylle Tatlonghari,and  balladeer Christian Baustita. Other Pinoys included in the cast are Joseph "Thou" Reyes (I Love Betty La Fea) and Ikey Canoy (Akafellas). The series is now shooting with the Filipino cast leaving for Singapore on Wednesday. Food + Music + Dance + Drama = a perfect serving of appetizing treat for viewers across Asia. And hopefully it will reach the western television too.
The Pinoy Cast with The Group and Studio 23 executives

A sample recipe that will be featured in THE KITCHEN MUSICAL

The Kitchen Musical will be shown in nTV7 (Malaysia) Studio 23 (Philippines), Metro TV (Indonesia), AXN (19 Asian Countries). Air date will be on October 2011.

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