REEL DEAL Movies and Television: Be STREET SMART this July from NatGeo

Are you a curious Pinoy? As in you would go to the details up to the atomic structure just to know how things tick? Maybe scientific and complicated but NatGeo will be launching a new show that will quench those vain curiosities and also talk about Pinoy topics. Hosted by Mitzi Borromeo and the show is the first locally produced series by National Geographic Channel (NGC) with the first three episodes dedicated to food. 
On the pilot episode SINISINTANG CHIBOG,  it deals about the Filipinos insatiable love for food. She embarks on a gastronomic adventure into the metro's food places like Binondo. It also featured 3 (different) food loving people namely Tania Vaca-Son (the sweet tooth), Corey Lee Wilson (the vegetarian), and Alex Lizot-Garcia (the meat lover). Each maybe unique in life choices in food but also shares the pros and cons of what they eat which also defines them. As we loved the pilot episode, we are looking forward to the other two episodes, FLAVORS OF OUR LIVES and CHIBOG CHISMIS.
Its not a cooking show but it looks more like Beakman's World less the labs, rats, and suits. It shows in depth analysis with images and videos for further understanding. Aside from food, the show will also discuss about technology, music, love and beauty. And in the launch they also invited several experts to talk about other food facts that we could learn, from the connection of food to sickness and also the never ending debate on diet which also made us think twice to grab a bite at the buffet. STREET SMART will air on July on NatGeo, but there are also plans to make the cable channel show accessible to more Filipinos in the future. Its really fun show to watch and get ready to educate yourself, which also lives out NatGeo's motto to LIVE CURIOUS.

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