MUSIC LYF: Justin Bieber Grand Fans Day


Although I was not able to go to the talked about and successful MY WORLDS TOUR Concert of Justin Bieber, I was able to experience something like it at the Justin Bieber Grand Fans Day held at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia on May 6, 2011.  Fans can have photos taken with a JB cutout and also post their message on the freedom wall. There is also face painting and free baller or shirt for a CD purchase. Fan can also have the chance to win VIP tickets, for the concert on May 10, 2011 on the Mall of Asia concert grounds, which excites the whole crown into screams wanting to have one.. There were also limited edition items like JB shirts and posters given to attendees. 
Loved my millions of fans especially young girls and oddly even some teenage boys, Justin Bieber did came a long way from a small town boy to worldwide youtube and music sensation. And as he tours around Asia and Australia. And they have the concert fever already even its still 4 days away.

For the Fans day there will be several acts that will perform like 1:43. And of course, they will sing some of the songs by JB. Fans who shared their message to JB via the freedom wall which looks like a giant love letter. Though not really a fan myself, I just wondered how he was able to catch the hearts of so many girls (and boys) around the world. Probably most the artists we have right now are not of the 'teen' age, and Justin Bieber was at the right place at the right time. So as of the moment, aside from the heat wave, we are also stuck with the Bieber Fever. So are you also a BeliBier?

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