NUFFamily Day!

Outings with friends and family are the best things. Especially I live alone here in Manila and always looking forward to night outs and picnics. And in the blogging community, most of my blogger friends are also nuffnang users in which we would also like to attend nuffnang events. 

And recently when there was the news about the end of the world, It made me think that I need to live my life at the fullest. And its best with people you like are there to be a witness but also be part of that moment. Now nuffnang will have a nuffamily day! And with the list of generous sponsors for this event It would be definitely a fun fun fun day!

I hope I will be part of this, and let my 'cat smile' picture would be convincing to be part of this. meow. Cheers Nuffnang!

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