Dynamically Clean Homes with Electrolux Dynamica!

Are you still using a broom just to keep your house spotless? It would mean busting your back and wasting precious time in the process and tends to merely re-scatter dust into the air, making it virtually impossible to totally rid of the germs that go along with it. Plus it also makes cleaning your house time consuming, especially those hard to reach places.

Electrolux, a Swedish global appliance company that pioneered vacuum cleaners, has a perfect solution -  The Dynamica vacuum cleaner. It boast of a sleek razor-like design that makes it  pretty to the eyes unlike your regulat eye-sore broom. Its double-jointed floor nozzle enables the head o swivel from side to side, making cleaning those hard-to-reach areas and corners an absolute breeze. And it comes with a parking stand for easy storage, which is ideal for those who live in condominiums.

The Dynamica is the perfect cleaning companion - easy to handle, only weighing 1.6 kilograms, yet very powerful at the same time. Its motor bruch and cyclonic action allows the Dynamica to pick up everything from hair to fiber to dust and crumbs for a visible and effective clean feel on carpets, woodrn surfaces and hard floors.

And finally, the Dynamica not only makes cleaning easy, it is also easy to clean and mantain. You have one liter dust container so you don't have to empty it so often. When you do, all it takes a single push of a button to clear the dust container. The same process goes for cleaning the brush.

Gone are the days when you have to go through great lengths like using the broom, mopping the floors and washing the carpetjust to achieve that clean feel to protect your family from germs. With all effort you just put in cleaning the house, it robs you of precious time and energy that have been spent with loved ones and friends. With Dynamica, having your house in spic-and-span condition will be the easiest chore in your to-do-list. With all that time saved, you can now have more bonding time with your family and can have more time to do other things important to you.

Swap your broom and get Php 1,000 off for a Dynamica vacuum cleaner!

Now you know about Dynamica Vacuum cleaner, here is another treat, the TRADE IN YOUR BROOM Promo! Bring your walis tambo or broom to any participating appliance store an swap it  with a coupon that entitles you to a Php 1,000 discount when you buy a Dynamica corded lightweight vacuum cleaner. The promo, valid for one year from date of issue, can be availed by presenting the coupon  to the cashier of the store where the broom was exchanged.

So hurry and swap your old broom and make your house spic-and-span in no time! Promo is until May 31, 2011.

And Here is another great news from Electrolux!
These Hard times, Electrolux comes to the rescue with a Shellance discount worth Php 500!

The steadily rising cost of basic goods and comodities put a great strain on the household budget of many Filipinos. And during the country's summer fiesta season, when they whip up stumptuous feast to share with the family, friends and practically the whole town, sqeezing in additional expenses into a budget poses yet another big challenge.

True to its "Thinking of you" philosophy, Electrolux a global leader in household appliances from Sweden, presents an exciting consumer promotion. This is in line with Electrolux's Wok-a-holic Level Up campaign - celebrating the unique Filipino way of cooking with a wok or a kawali using the functional, stylish selection of Electrolux, Cooking Ranges, Hobs, Ovens and Hoods.

With a Purchase of an Electrolux Cooking Range or Built-in Hob, you are entitled to a Php 500 discount on the contents of a Shellane LPG tank - a considerable value sure to help ease the burden of extra expenses!

Users of non-Shellane LPG, on the other hand can get  Php 250 off LPG contents, plus a free regulator set. You can also avail of a 20% discount on a purchase of a Shellane tank. To claim the discount, just call the Shellane hotline at 8875555 or visit the nearest authorized dealer in your area.

So hurry and make the smart buy! Let the fiesta celebration continue, even when times are hard, with the Electrolux appliances.

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