PHITEN Relaunches With a Commitment to Health

"The body is made to move" this is what coach Jim Saret said in the relaunch of the Phiten products this May 14, 2011. And most of us, including myself, would be guilty of not doing exercise due to many reasons and one of them is time or plain being lazy. But coach Saret introduced the metabolic workout program that can burn 600 calories in 4 minutes and the metabolism will remain for 24 hours. Buy doing a cylce of jumping jacks, squats, push ups and  lounge. You can count 10 reps each and there is no warm up needed since the movements are already the warm up itself. Now, for fitness and health it may induce some strain on muscles and  the body itself. But with a revolutionary product PHITEN from Japan, offers a great solution for these ailments. 
Ronaldo Colmenar, SEEMI General Manager mentioned that Phiten started in 2007 and now has its 7 stores, with 1st Phiten store in Shangri La Plaza. Phiten products are meant to provide three solutions: (1) Improve blood circulation; (2) Improves strength and flexibility and; (3)Prevents Injury. The product are available in 20 countries and popularized by Professional Baseball Payers in the USA who wore it during games. Thus, Phiten also had its collection with MLB team designs. For further scientific analysis is also a detailed explanation on how it works.

21 Day Challenge

3 bloogers will try the 21 day challenge they are Sire Arevallo, Leira Pagaspas and Montch Acosta. The three bloggers will try Phiten products for 21 days and blog about experiences and if there had been any significant changes in their health, flexibility etc. And the winner will get a exclusive Phiten product that is worth P13,000. Coincidently, all of them are friends and I am interested on how far they improved with the Phiten Products.

Phiten affirms commitment to health and fitness
With the proliferation of sports accessories with false health claims, Phiten, the country’s leading sports accessory and apparel provider, met with members of the media both online and offline in Hyphy’s Ortigas to reintroduce and reaffirm the brand’s commitment to health and fitness.

Famous among athletes and sports enthusiasts, Phiten is an innovative Japanese brand of aquametal-infused wearable technology in form of various accessories and apparel.

At the press conference, Phiten demonstrated the products’ benefits for balanced energy flow and blood circulation. Phiten also introduced Coach Jim Saret, an international sports training consultant who gave tips on how to start and maintain an active lifestyle while sustaining a fit mind and body.

Phiten was founded in 1982 by its president, Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner. “We are helping people enhance their quality of life around the globe, building on our Phiten philosophy of health, energy, and well-being,” said Hirata in Phiten’s Official website.

Now found in countries over Asia, Europe, and US, Phiten continues to create waves in the scientific community. “Nano-technology is the breaking down of titanium, silver, and gold minerals to nano particles which are then infused in the materials used to make Phiten products,” said Ronaldo Colmenar, general manager of Sports, Entertainment and Events Management, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Phiten in the country.

The technology restores, if not maintains the optimum balance of the body. Phiten, together with a healthy diet and good exercise and sports programs like biking and running, can also help fight chronic stress brought about by a busy lifestyle.

Colmenar added, “Phiten is not a craze or trend. It is a lifestyle brand that promotes health, style and comfort for people-on-the-go and sports enthusiasts who want to be in their best state always.”

To learn more about Phiten’s health benefits and to see its wide array of products, log on to or visit any Phiten shop kiosk and consigned stores nationwide. Be updated and on the know of Phiten’s promos and sale on facebook.

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