Fujitsu Lifebooks Suits Every Lifestyle

Mobility and Power, these are the most important things to keep ourselves updated with information and also do our task much quicker and efficient. This is why we have computers especially laptops which provides portable yet effective tools for our work or even in play. And with a lot of brands promising to provide us with a lot of features yet most of them can either be too much or too less than what we really need. Fortunately from Fujitsu, one of the world’s known brands for computer electronics, they came up with the Lifebook series which has 9 different laptops that have its own expertise and features that can cope to what one really needs and the right tools that come along with it.

  • · Light weight
  • · Long Battery life (5hrs)
  • · Performance Grade VGA (1GB)
  • · 300nits Brightness Screen
  • · High Capacity Battery
  • · Spill Resistant Keyboard.
  • · Green IT
  • · Removable Modular Bay
  • · LED RF Finger Print Sensor
  • · Dust Filter
  • · Scroll Wheel
  • · USB 3.0

· Light weight (1.3 kg)
· Long Battery Life (8hrs)
· Spill Resistant Keyboard
· Small Footprint
· 3.5G/GPS Support
· Made in Japan

· Relatively Light weight (2.3Kg)
· Long Battery life (6.5hrs)
· NVIDIA Optimus Technology (1GB)
· 4x USB 2.0: Anytime USB Charge
· Spill Resistant Keyboard
· Beautiful Color Options


· Built for Gaming
· NVIDIA Optimus Technology
· 17.3" Full HD Display
· 5.1 Speaker with DTS
· Dual HDD Option

· Maximun Efficiency
 Lite OS
 Optimized Performance
· A whole new user experience
 Integrated social networking
 Integrated instant messaging
 Work, Surf, Play & Enjoy
· It’s about you!
 OS Language
 Keyboard Input
 Infinity App store (coming soon)

· Business Focused
· Anti-Glare HD Display
· RF Finger Print Scanner
· XP Drivers Support
· International Warranty


One of the best things that these LIFEBOOK SERIES has is the GREEN IT technology, which helps the environment yet still keeps optimal performance for all it features. It is also save energy by reducing the current that goes into the device by revolutionizing a zero current consumption even when the laptop is plugged in to an outlet. Thus reducing the “vampire current” and save electricity.

Each Fujitsu product also has a guarantee of having undergone to a lot of test including stress tests to ensure the quality of the laptops before they are distributed to the market. Edmund Lim, Product Marketing Manager of Fujitsu Asia ensures that these laptops are of top quality. I would definitely go for a Fujitsu Lifebook laptops for my computing needs and if were to choose what would be my choice, it would be the LIFEBOOK MH330 MeeGo as it is very portable yet have all the tools I need for blogging, social networking and also writing. Plus it is handy enough to bring with my bag.

They have a lot in store for Fujitsu, and I am pretty excited for it, for now if you want the news about their products ane event just visit their facebook and fujitsu website.

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