Judy Ann for Del Monte Pineapple

Judy Ann is here to cook something special, especially for the kids and kids at heart. She partners now with Del Monte Pineapples as her secret ingridient to make ordinary dishes, into extra ordinary surprizes like Adobo which is loved by 9 out of 10 kids. As she herself now is a full time mom, she make sure that what she cooks is healthy and also delicious. Graduated from cullinary school and also played roles as a chef in her teleseryes, she has a lot of experiences in the preparation and also the elements needed to satify not only her kids but also her husband, Ryan Agoncillo.

Del Monte Pineapples does give out a healthy side to dishes as it contains 5 times more fiber and also other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Manganese and Pythonutrients from natura that help increase the body's overall health and immunity. Del Monte Pineapples are picked and packed on the same day to lock the important nutrients. The good news is, there are a lot of favorite dishes that can be "Pina-Level Up!". These are recipies for Pork Humba, Pancit Guisado and a lot more where you can add Del Monte Pineapple to add zest and nutrients to your favorite dishes. Just visit www.kitchenomics.com for recipes.
Judy Ann Santos knows her food and the ingridients that go well with it. She is very health conscious, which is why according to her, " As a mother and an avid cook, it is very important for me to give my family, most especially my kids, the proper nutrition by serving them delicious and nutritious meals. Therefore I'm always looking for new delicious and healthy recipies that will surely whet my family's appetite."

So like Judy Ann, add Del Monte Pineapples to your everyday dishes like Adobo to make it "Pina-Level Up sa sarap at sustansya". 

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