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REVIEW: Mindanao - Bigger Battle Than War

There has been countless films about Mindanao and its people, yet Brillante Mendoza wants to share another view of the diverse island which comprises of many cultures, people, and stories. Though there is still the concept of war still happening in some parts of the island, they also incorporated the story told by a mother to her child with a legend of the dragons of Mindanao.

Starring in the film are Judy Ann Santos, Allen Dizon, and Yuna Tangog as the family who is struggling with both war and the illness of thir daughter, Aisa. Originally titled "Maguindanao" it was later changed to Mindanao to reflect  an expanded worldview. Brillante Mendoza also mentioned that this is part of his trilogy about the region, the first one which is also a MMFF entry, Thy Womb featured Nora Aunor and Lovi Poe tells the story about the Bajao people.

The film garnered the most awards at the MMFF 2019 awards night that includes Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress among it's hauls. Judy Ann already had an advanced best actress award before the MMFF at the Cairo International Film Festival, while Brillante also got  an award for the Henry Barakat Award for Artistic Contribution.

Gabay Guro Invites Teachers To The Biggest Grand Gathering Yet!

Sign up to be part of the biggest tribute event for teachers, happening on October 26 at the Mall of Asia Arena!

As a way of giving back to the teachers, PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro program is holding the biggest event that pays tribute to teachers. The Grand Gathering brings the teachers together for an event featuring some of the biggest celebrities like Edu Manzano, Derek Ramsay, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Ryzza Mae, Rocco Nacino, plus a special tribute by Regine Velasquez.

Grand Bloggers' Presscon for MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA!

At first we had Direk Joey Reyes, then we had Ms. Eugene Domingo, and afterwards was the couple Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo. And to perk up the anticipation for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2011,  we got to meet with the complete cast plus the other stars like Ellen Adarna and Rocco Nacino at the Grand Bloggers' Presscon held at Guily's Bar.

As the Metro Manila Film Fest is just a few days away, each entries have made a lot of effort in promoting their films. But we indeed appreciate MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA! for having online media in their campaign and indeed the bloggers and supporters for this movie have increased. In my post with Direk Joey Reyes, Eugene Domingo and Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo, have been a favorite article in the blog once they were posted.


Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo are now known to be a young celebrity model family with endorsements and shows giving them a lot of exposure. And for the Metro Manila Film Festival they now come back with a new film MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA by OctoArts Films. Written and Directed by Jose Javier Reyes. 

They have alreday appreared as a couple in Kasal Kasali Kasalo and Sakal Sakali Saklolo in the past MMFF. And their chemistry brought box office success. After giving birth to their son Lucho, the couple is back in the big screen and now ready to bring the house down with MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA! 

Juan Minute Spotlight: Eugene Domingo for MY HOUSE HUSBAND Ikaw Na!

It has been a busy year for Ms. Eugene Domingo as she made several milestones in her life in television and movies. This year, she stars in 3 films in the Metro Manila Film Festival. But it is MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA that she showcases another wacky yet funny personality that made her loved by many including me.

Here role in the movie is Aida, the neighbor of the young couple who gets involved and very close with House Husband Ryan, and fuels suspicious. She said that this character is a another character that will be loved. She said that she loved doing scene with Judy Ann and Ryan and they have been great friends since 'Ploning'.

REEL DEAL Movies and Television: My House Husband Ikaw Na! Spotlight with Direk Joey Reyes

The Metro Manila Film Fest is just more or less 50 days away and yet there are now hints of the movies that will be shown for the festival. One of which is MY HOUSE HUSBAND IKAW NA! by OctoArts Films starring Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos, and Eugune Domingo. Members of its cast include Francine Prieto, Bobby Andrews, Shalala, and many more. It is written by Mel Del Rosario and directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

With so many people in the showbiz industry, he proved to be a person of passion and love of the industry, now directing a great family comedy with Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo makes it a must watch movie for the MMFF.

HEALTHY LYF: Less is More With Flawless

Healthy skin is trully a must for us since its is the largest organ in our body and the most vulnerable to the harsh elements that our bodies go though everyday. Sometimes even regular hygiene may not be enough to protect our skin and here is where the skin experts from FLAWLESS come in and help up about them. 

REEL DEAL Movies and Television: Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition

Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is back on television with the much-awaited kiddie cooking reality show Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition. For the very first time in her career, the Philippine’s Queen of Soap Opera will dabble in hosting as she leads the search for the finest young amateur chef in the country.

Joining Judy Ann, or Juday to her family and fans, are world-renowned Filipino chefs Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, Rolando “Lau” Laudico, and JP “Jayps” Anglo in the newest reality franchise from the group that brought you phenomenal hits “Pinoy Big Brother,” “Pinoy Dream Academy,” and “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.”

As a food lover herself, she is very happy to be part of the show. And as she herself is a mom now, she is delighted to work with kids of extraordinary talent in creating dishes that is truly appetizing. 

Judy Ann for Del Monte Pineapple

Judy Ann is here to cook something special, especially for the kids and kids at heart. She partners now with Del Monte Pineapples as her secret ingridient to make ordinary dishes, into extra ordinary surprizes like Adobo which is loved by 9 out of 10 kids. As she herself now is a full time mom, she make sure that what she cooks is healthy and also delicious. Graduated from cullinary school and also played roles as a chef in her teleseryes, she has a lot of experiences in the preparation and also the elements needed to satify not only her kids but also her husband, Ryan Agoncillo.

Del Monte Pineapples does give out a healthy side to dishes as it contains 5 times more fiber and also other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Manganese and Pythonutrients from natura that help increase the body's overall health and immunity. Del Monte Pineapples are picked and packed on the same day to lock the important nutrients. The good news is, there are a lot of favorite dishes that can be "Pina-Level Up!". These are recipies for Pork Humba, Pancit Guisado and a lot more where you can add Del Monte Pineapple to add zest and nutrients to your favorite dishes. Just visit for recipes.
Judy Ann Santos knows her food and the ingridients that go well with it. She is very health conscious, which is why according to her, " As a mother and an avid cook, it is very important for me to give my family, most especially my kids, the proper nutrition by serving them delicious and nutritious meals. Therefore I'm always looking for new delicious and healthy recipies that will surely whet my family's appetite."

So like Judy Ann, add Del Monte Pineapples to your everyday dishes like Adobo to make it "Pina-Level Up sa sarap at sustansya". 

The World’s No.1 AI Camera Phone: HONOR Magic6 Pro is confirmed to arrive in PH!

Experience magic this May with the multi-awarded HONOR Magic6 Pro, an AI camera phone with 5 DXOMARK Top 1 Labels! #HONORMagic6Pro The leadi...