HEALTHY LYF: Less is More With Flawless

Healthy skin is trully a must for us since its is the largest organ in our body and the most vulnerable to the harsh elements that our bodies go though everyday. Sometimes even regular hygiene may not be enough to protect our skin and here is where the skin experts from FLAWLESS come in and help up about them. 

For the past 8 years, Flawless has become the leading skin centers in the country and is trusted my many celebrities like Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Richard Gutierez, Iza Calzado and many more. Featured in countless articles that made them the most reliable and the most well known nationwide.

Flawless is also special to me because this is where I had my first facial. And it was the Real Gentleman facial, which made my face lighter and helped me gain more confidence after the treatment. Now I came back for my second one and I am indeed excited.

They are now also offering new like the product kits that caters to different skin needs: 

They also have an ongoing promo for every product kit you buy entitles you to a free classic facial. You may also want to try their Shape and Sculpt Program that can help you shed those unwanted pounds with the help of proper conditioning and supplements that are safe and  very effective. Iza Calzado and Eric Mendez are the endorsers for this kind of treatment. 

Now going back to my facial I had was a time to really let loose for a while and  enjoy the pampering session while doing the procedure. Pricking might be a little bit painful but is definitely worth it. The session lasted for probably an hour. And once the procedure is over, you would indeed feel the change on your skin. Now looking fresher, it again boosted my confidence and I am very happy with the results. This made me love to have these kind of sessions more often and probably try try their other services like the Shape and Sculpt. hubba hubba :-P

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