LAKBAYAN: Basta Pinas Biyahe Tayo!

Pinoys love to travel, and love to take photos and pasalubong. Though many would like to travel overseas, have we tried to roam around the country and see the many beauty and wonders one can find locally? The country is made us of 7, 107 islands which is waiting to be discovered by us. We all know that the usual places like Boracay and Puerto Galera draws a lot of tourists, but there are also places that are far more exciting yet few only would know.

The Department of Tourism and Bonamine sees this opportunity to invite Biyaheros to explore the Philippines further with BASTA PINAS. A campaign that started this March and has gain popularity with many people to share travel adventures and also new frontiers one can go to.  Thier facebook page has now over 120,000 followers and counting. Posting pictures and videos of places of interest. 
The campaign now gets better with the launch of their new website which offers a lot of information and network. Get Fresh Perspective with fun challenges you can do on your trips, you can also discover new things and read travel stories from your favorite celebrities. 
It also includes hot destinations one can visit and plan on your itinerary. Adventure Packages are also available so you can save more and buy more pasalubong. And finally, Bonamine helps you in your trips against motion sickness. 

At the launch of the website, we were introduce to 3 seasoned travelers who shared their most unforgettable travel stories of their lives. The first was Randy Urlanda, a travel writer for Panorama. He shared his story of travelling to the provinces of Sulu, and Tawi-tawi. With uncharted beauty that hopefully will be the next big thing.
Second was Joy Rojas, who ran her way from Davao City to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. A journey that gave her the opportunity to meet people along the way and also discovering the islands which was truly an adventure one can never forget. She still runs and hopes to discover more travelling the unconventional way.

And Finally but not the least is Paolo Soler, a surfer and also a teacher of the sport with his surfing school, The Philippine Surfing Academy. Finding the perfect surf spot made it a challenge for him. He went to places like Surigao, La Union and stumbled upon Real, Quezon which they find the best surf site. At that time there were two typhoons in the country which gave them the adrenalin rush to challenge the waters.
I would like to share my travel stories soon, and better post it in the Basta Pinas website so more people can also enticed to go traveling and help boost the tourism industry in the country. Tara na Biyahe Tayo!

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