Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: GRINGO HONASAN in the House!

Today, I have only encountered two senators that I had time to chat and dine at the same time. First was the late Raul Roco at his Farm in Antipolo after the campaign in 2004. Now I came across another political legend and probably one of the most controversial, Senator Gingo Honasan. Known to be a fierce and brave soldier who was a key person behind the 1986 People power revolution, and also had infamous moments when he joined the coup 'd etat in the next 5 years. He has now grew into the most respectable senators of land. Now as we were in his presence, its time to get to know more about the man himself and what wisdom and skills he can share to us. 
Today he still wakes up at 6 am and gets his exercise from his grandchildren. He goes to work and stays at the senate all day to attend to speeches, legislation, investigations. he is currently the Chairman of Public Information and Mass Media and filled bills like the Freedom of Information Act of 2010. Senator Honasan surprized us with his other achievements in sports like being the National Champion in Wrestling and Combat shooting also the ASEAN champion in skydiving. At his age, he is now learning the art of Kendo, a martial art that is also a lifestyle.

Meeting him was an honor since I loved to know who is he in reality. Even with the controversies branding him as a renegade. In the conversation, we also find him a man with a whole new level of humor. Intelligent yet funny. He also shared his other hobbies like doing Bonsai, Painting and Carving and of course taking care of his grandchildren.

He mentioned that he endured a lot of personal attacks because of his position. I can feel his aura of a dignity, principle and love of country during the discussion. He said at his age, he is looking at his health so he can serve his country and his family well. Years ago, I don't really liked him because of his image in the public, but it turns out that I am now a fan. 

It was a great night with Senator Honasan. And we would not end the night without pictures with him. Senator Honasan was really game photographed even in a wacky mode. If you would like to know the atmosphere during the conversation, below is a video of the meet up. Kudos to Senator Gringo Honasan and his legacy, we are honored to meet you and happy to know you more.

Photos and video courtesy of Jeman Villanuva of Orange Magazine TV

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