LAKABYAN: Playa Laiya Is Home In A Tropical Paradise

ONE NO LONGER HAS TO TRAVEL TO A FAR AWAY ISLAND to enjoy surf, sun and sea at a world-class beach resort. The luxurious beach at Playa Laiya leisure community in San Juan, Batangas is the perfect beachside residence and leisure destination to go with family and friends--it's only two hours and thirty minutes away from Metro Manila.
Playa Laiya capped off a wonderful summer with a beach party during a sneak peek of its new beach clubhouse and new jacuzzi and kiddie pools. Guests were treated to a wonderful time enjoying the beach, delicious food and a fashion show featuring the summer wear collection of Twinkle Ferraren and Cocotini as showcased by lovely models and gorgeous hunks.

To set the mood, reggae music wafted from the speakers as beachgoers went to and from the crystal blue waters and the white sand shoreline. There were drinks and snacks available for those who wanted to take a break from their swim and the sun's heat.

Playa Laiya lot owners together with their family and friends spent the day relaxing inside the beach front cabanas or going for a swim in the new pools or at the white sand beach. Some even brought out their outdoor grill and started on a mouth-watering barbeque.

There were also areas where kids were able to bring out their artistic side by decorating their own canvas bag and flip flops; a henna tattoo booth for those who wanted an artful souvenir they could wear; and a massage area for those who wanted even more relaxation and soothe their muscles after swimming.

Guests were invited to the new clubhouse to watch models romp in fun, colorful summer wear at the infinity poolside. There was a flurry of picture taking by the press and some guests during and even after the fashion show.

Leisure and lifestyle developer Landco Pacific Corporation is developing Playa Laiya as a master-planned community having both residential and commercial areas. The residential component is an exclusive enclave with well-designed village facilities for residents to enjoy a beachside lifestyle.

Playa Laiya is also set to become the "most desired leisure destination" in San Juan, Batangas. Its diverse natural landscape makes it the first premier beach destination in San Juan. It will be the hub for commercial activity such as restaurant dining, retail shopping, hotel and accommodations, and various tourism services-a world-class beach party venue and tourist attraction like Boracay-along the coast of Laiya, San Juan in Batangas.


Those who buy lots as homeowners in Playa Laiya's Residential community will enjoy the following exclusive amenities: the Beach Clubhouse with its Welcome Center and pools; the Beach Park where residents can walk to the beach and enjoy the park's amenities; the Hilltop Clubhouse with its breathtaking views of the sea; and several village parks and playgrounds.

The Leisure-Tourism Estate of Playa Laiya is envisioned to offer restaurants and cafes; retail shopping outlets; hotels and accommodation facilities; bed and breakfasts; condominiums/condotels; and meeting facilities.

"We're nearing the second phase of our development, which is the commercial area. We will be inviting commercial developers to set up bed and breakfasts, condominiums, condotels, and hotels in the area."

"But of course, we're still continuing to sell the lots in the residential enclaves. We're already eighty percent sold in the areas we have launched," says Jose Antonio Xerez-Burgos, Landco's VP and SBU Head for Leisure Communities.

He also explains that Playa Laiya is being designed to be the next big, world-class resort destination.

"We envision this place to be another Boracay here in the Philippines or like Costa del Sol in Spain. And it's more convenient to get here. Instead of taking a plane and a boat to an island resort, our guests can come here by car. We're just two and a half hours away from Alabang. It's very convenient."

Playa Laiya features a fantastic beach located within a 7-kilometer white sand shoreline with a huge beachfront area measuring about one kilometer. "The beachfront on the West side has fine white sand that looks really beautiful especially in the summer," says Rachel Quinto, Project Officer of Playa Laiya.
For more information about Playa Laiya please call 0920-901-7119.
Landco Pacific Corporation is the developer of high-end leisure, urban, and hometown communities. For 21 years, the company has made its mark in Philippine real estate, and is widely acknowledged to be the leader in leisure development. As the purveyor of resort living experiences, Landco is committed to consistently create innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way you live...Life at your leisure. For more information, call 836-5000, email or visit

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