MUSIC LYF: King DJ Logan Upset with Someday Dream

The King has spoken.

King DJ Logan (Carlo Del Carmen) is upset with the band Someday dream because they did not performed at Petixfest which was organized my 99.5 RT and the Radio team 'the FARM'. 

He posted in his status a call to boycott the band from RT and other stations who helped in developing his career.

King DJ Logan (KDL) also quoted that they made a career suicide. The event was mostly worked by the FARM people (which I was a part of the first batch). Originally set in July, was rescheduled due to the bad weather. However, Someday dream was still part of the line up for the concert at Garage 88. KDL also mentioned that this issue will be talked about in his radio show, The Disenchanted Kingdom on Monday.

Someday dream has not yet reacted to the issue. Hopefully they will be able to explain the issue soon. Someday dream rose to fame as electronic pop which was a hit in many radio stations and also landed in the MYX countdown. 

Its like the Radio King waged war on the Electronic Prince.

Who will yield?

UPDATE: Rez of Someday Dream has officialy made a statement on the issue:

To 99.5RT family,

My sincerest apologies to anyone offended by my actions after the performance at Petix Fest. Just to clarify things, I did not "walk out" of the event. It was my team's decision to cut the show short before the last song due to the major technical difficulties we were experiencing . Leaving like that was not my intention as I was called to a meeting immediately after the performance. I was also feeling down and embarrassed because of what happened.

I'm deeply sorry for coming in late with the explanation, and that some people on my Facebook page may have blown the incident out of proportion. Rest assured that it will be explained to them as well.

We are sincerely grateful to you guys for having Somedaydream in the event, however I apologize for not getting to show that off-stage post performance.

Thank you for your support! Hope all will be well, and more power to you guys!


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