Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: Paris and London Baby You Can't Keep!

Our Hot topic today is Paris and London, thus the title. It is actually a line from "I love New York" song from Glee originally performed by Madonna in case you were wondering. Of course, the London Riots have been the focus of the world today as it caused so many damages in one of the powerful cities of the world. Days of violence and even widespread looting caused a lot of instability in the city. Caused a number of deaths and injuries. This also spread into places in England. This made me wonder that even with a progressive country like Great Britain, a small mistake can cause a lot of trouble. The problem is not over yet with arrested culprits and sued reaching thousands this unrest is still not over.

Now the situation is the opposite with Paris, I mean Paris Hilton who just arrived in the country  for the first time. She is here for a promotional tour and also to shoot a advertisements. She also tweeted her arrival with Pinoy words:

She also tweeted about Jinky and Manny Pacquiao, which Manny had a photo with his last bout. She also find the food here delicious and said the Filipinos are good people. Well, that's we do best, hospitality. I wonder who helped her in tweeting in Filipino though. I also wondered if the infamous video would also be in demand while she is here. How about setting a Hilton Hotel here?

Both of these are not really the Pinoy concern, we have the "blasphemous" art controversy at the CCP of Mideo Cruz, also the Carnaping incidents lately. And of course, the never ending debate in the Philippine Senate, which topped ratings than afternoon telenovelas. Why do we keep the things we do not want? And the best things come to quick? Because we love it.

Something to talk about is what we love to sensationalize, (and yes, sometimes I am guilty but its for the sake of information and personal opinion), but when things are over, other people can't get enough. It's something we can't keep.


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