Its Blog Day 2011 ! We Recommend New Blogs You should follow!

MTL also love to read blogs that are of great interests. It makes it more interesting and also expands horizons. Some I stumbled upon by accident and some by the content I got useful information. We (nuffnang and MTL) are now sharing this to you so you can have new to read along with your favorite Manual to Lyf!

a wacky Pinoy webcomic with characters named after favorite snacks while going trough college life as engineering students. Now on its 352nd strip, the story continues with the main character Kisses goes through dilemmas and funny situations.  

To know about the latest news in the local and international music scene, justin breathes gives you that fresh air of music news. Critical reviews on singles and albums that can also help you make a wise choice and a second opinion on what is aesthetically music worthy. 

I subscribed to this blog because of a contest, though the contest ended and I never won I kept this one on my list becuase of its daily update and the news it brings. Interesting news about technology and science written that people can relate.

He is a doctor, he is a writer and he makes blogs that are funny and also "green". A favorite among men readers, World of Albert is his view of the world and also the pervert inside. A great read in times of boredom and need to release some stress.


Don;t be fooled by the title, actually he is generous, in the sense of giving information about contests. I became so addicted in joining contest when I got into some winning streak, and stumbling upon this website is indeed a blessing and has now became a habit to check on the new contests and also great deals all in just one blog. 

This is the one of the coolest comics I have read so far which tells the story of Alexandra Trese and her encounters with the mythical creatures who dwell in the Metropolitan. Together with the Kambal, they fight creatures like manananangals, aswangs et cetera. But its coolness is not trapped within the book but the author made a blog where the experience becomes more interactive. 

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