Suplado Tips: A Must for the Suplado in You!

Feel bored with your personality? Be SUPLADO! Just like the Suplado Sepremo Stanley Chi!  He had also made a book about it called SUPLADO TIPS. Known as a Multimedia Celebrity and also host of Front Act that airs on Solar TV, together with Mike Uson, LC Reklamo and Benedict Bartolome. What is in the book? Of course the best Suplado tips for both beginners and experts. Be an instant suplado/suplada and be the top of the class! Gone are the days of Jejemons, Conios and Sosyaleras, Suplado is now the in thing today! So don't be left behind! Grab a book now at a bookstore near you! And by the way did I also mentioned that Stanley Chi is also popular with cosplayers, anime lovers and even bloggers? Now he has a suplado watch made by Unisilver Time! Now that is big time Suplado-ness!

Pa-English English ka pa... sisipain kita dyan eh!
Bumili na lang kayo, OK?

Also catch Stanley Chi in his new show at Dig Radio called the SUPLADO SHOW will be aired Monday nights 9 to 11 PM on

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