Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: RIP Dr. Fe del Mundo

In the midst of the heavy rain today, it was a  sad day for the Pinoy scientific and medical community as Dr. Fe del Mundo. Renown scientist and medical practitioner for the cause of children which also led to the establishment of the Children's Medical Center of the Philippines (now called Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center). She have contributed a lot of innovations including making an incubator made of bamboo to provide childcare to places without electricity.  She died today (August 6, 2011) due to heart attack.

She is also the first woman to be admitted to the Harvard Medical School. Also received awards such as the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service in 1977. Also as the National Scientist of the Philippines in 1980 and the Order of Lakandula in 2010. She served even in the war period which saved many lives.

Personally I do not know or met her, but when I was young reading about the scientists of the country, her contribution inspired me to be a scientist one day, which I am still pursuing today. Yes, she can be ranked with great scientists and doctors. Also known to be a woman of compassion, made her loved by many. Truly her legacy will go on and will be forever remembered.

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