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There are so many mysteries the human mind can do and even with modern science, it is still hard to understand what can we do with it. We have stories of Psychokinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and other mind powered acts that we just see in movies. Now, GMA is airing a one of a kind show presenting renowned mentalist Nomer Lasala in MIND MASTER. Though mentalism should not be confused with street magic, it shares the same mysterious style which captured the attention of many especially Pinoys.
The show features different unbelievable acts that is truly hard to comprehend how did they happen. They also have celebrity guests who would volunteer for the supernatural acts that would leave  everyone in shock and amazement.

I was able to get into the set of Mind Master to see for myself the mentalist acts to make sure there are no camera tricks nor special effects. I'm interested and curious about this because I also studied about these kind of psychic arts. One would find them weird and unbelievable, which still haunts my mind until today.

Making such acts would be very dangerous especially when using pointed objects and even fire. So they also made sure that an available paramedic is always on standby. However, all acts have been very successful and never a take two.

Bloggers with the Mind Master
At the set you can feel the psychic aura in the air, which I find myself surprized when Nomer off camera came to one of the audience to tell her that she has a scar on her left knee. This moment made that person and the people around them (including myself) to be very shocked. 

Though many would still have doubts or skeptical about the performances, I can testify that they are pretty authentic. However, I still recognize that this is indeed a bizarre in nature but brings entertainment and some information about these things, especially mentalism. This made me more curious about the world around us.

Mind Master Exhibits Superhero powers this Sunday

David Elefant
On Sunday August 14, Mind Master Nomer Lasala perfoms his "super mentalist powers" on three lovely Kapuso ladies.

Like the power of X-men's Night crawler, Nomer performs mind teleportation on alluring actress Solenn Heusaff, whom he has long wanted to meet and invite to his show. Will he impress the 'Fire Vixen' Solenn?

On the next act, he will use his power ring just like the Green Lantern, to project the images in the mind of Isabelle Daza. How he would be able to perform this feat to project the images to Isabelle using mentalism?

Next, Nomer will now do Superman's X-ray vision on Alex de Rossi, who gets caught off guard upon experiencing Nomer's extraordinary activity.

Lastly, the Mind Master's mentor David Elefant, show off his super power as he performs another super power stunt similar to Professor X's telekeneisis.
The episode is entitled HEROES, hosted by Ogie Alcasid

Mind Master airs every Sunday after Kap's Amazing Stories on GMA 7.

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